Sunday, 24 June 2012

Go Boholicious :D

Heya all...hope you guys are doing good. After spending some emotionally, hectic week, and reading Fifty Shades of Grey (which I obviously like), Im here posting on something that I have been eagerly waiting for, and I can’t think of any other perfect time to do this post, as the Fall season is here. So guys here is to a very very very special post, which holds a special place in my heart...BOHEMIAN STYLE! It is my personal FAV. It is something, which has always inspired me and reflects my artistic taste, fuelled by lots inspiration. what reflects from their style, and it is SO ME! Not just in terms of fashion inspiration, but even the whole thought that goes into their fashion.

I consider myself, a modern day Hippie/Bohemian...YES! it’s true, I think I am born in the wrong era...although, I know that I belong in this one for a special reason, and even maybe even to touch a real small world with my creative ambitions, eye for design and idealistic free thinking. For me, Bohemian fashion is endless in the department of possibilities, too unique, has no rules and it is too eclectic. Translating this definition into wearing predominantly breezy/flowing printed pieces, layered garments, leather satchels, long assorted jewellery, and cowboy hats. Either way, there's something in me that can't resist Hippie/Bohemian/Gypsy inspired fashion! Styles that originated back in the 60's and 70's have made a comeback into the hearts of fashion world under the term "Boho-chic", but surely there are those of us who do not need the the fashion world to dictate the orchestration of our style.

Here are some illustrations of "Boho-chic" styles:

#printed breezy pants #bustier #beachy waves
#assorted jewellery #perfect Boho



casual Boho-inspired attire

Modernizing the Boho look

Sienna rocks the Boho inspired look

Olsen sisters can never go wrong with their style

Go-Boho like Nicole. Simple yet stunning!

Grecian accents add a unique spin on the usual notorious, casual and relaxed style. #Fall 2012

Mara Hoffman #fall2012 collection,
inspired by Bohemian style

To check out some more Boho styles, click on
So, go grab some Boho inspired stuff for your wardrobe and be unique. 
Will be back soon with yet another post on Bohemian style, this times focusing on accessorizing and adding some color, the Boho way.


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