Friday, 3 August 2012

Style Check : August 2012 --- Neon!!

Neon hues have filtered through virtually every part of fashion. They ruled the Summer/Spring season from the runways to the emerging color of Denim and now they are back this Fall. 

It sure is a bold n rad trend and needs the correct attitude to carry it out without a disaster. here are some picks by me how you can incorporate some pop of Neon in your wardrobe.

Neon clutch...RAD!!

Neon working well with Black and Tan

Smart casual look. My fav ov all.

If you aren't bold to carry off neon, pick an accessory like this

Monochrome with grey. Class!

You can bring your summer colors into fall to add those pops of color to more subdued outfits.

Neon sweater, perfect way to add neon in winters

Coral and Chartreuse = cool combo!

Stripes & Chartreuse 

Celebrities in Neon!


  1. I love the pictures and the shade of yellow is just amazing! thanks for following my blog, I am now following you back

  2. OMG I'm loving Heidi Pratt's neon yellow skirt. I want!!! I love the neon when it's just a pop!

  3. Loving your blog.. thanks for the comment on my site & this post is too cute... love neons


  4. Now I see you.^^ Follow you back.


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