Saturday, 30 June 2012

Style Check : July 2012

Heya all...hope u guys are doing good and keeping it stylish. After spending an exciting and fun-filled week, and trying ma hand at cooking (this time French cuisine - Pommes daupine), which turned out pretty good :D, I'm here again with an exciting post. Its Pre-fall, and I'm sure everyone is eagerly waiting for some amazing trend setting patterns, colors and styles. This season is surely gonna be inspired by sexy, classy and classic styles form the 60's. Its going to be a huge hit among girls who are looking for sleek-style. But for girls like me who are more on the casual chic style, its more of a mix of the trends.

Here are some styles that I pick for this season. 

BLACK is a big hit every Fall/Winter. Add a dash of Neon and you are ready to rock. And Hats are a comeback this season.

#Nautical Stripes  #Hair #High-waisted red pants 

Perfect LBD, especially for this season 

After rocking the Spring season, Blooms have made their way into the A/W collection too. Vintage garden 
florals are the new trend. 

Shimmer skinny trousers with Chambray top. WIN-WIN look 

Like everything about this look. Very Autumn like.  

Peplum + Skinny  #classy #casual

Feel that Tangerine is going to be a hit this season too. If it is too bold for your style, try a hint of it, like in this look.

you can never go wrong with little black shorts. 

Trend alert A/W 2012:
  • Double breasted coats
  • Peter-Pan collars
  • Polka dots
  • Leopard prints
  • Graphic prints
  • High-shine glitter
  • Belt clinched waist
  • Printed Jumpers 
  • Spikes and Studs 
  • Tangerine tango
  • Romantic/vintage florals

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Go Boholicious :D

Heya all...hope you guys are doing good. After spending some emotionally, hectic week, and reading Fifty Shades of Grey (which I obviously like), Im here posting on something that I have been eagerly waiting for, and I can’t think of any other perfect time to do this post, as the Fall season is here. So guys here is to a very very very special post, which holds a special place in my heart...BOHEMIAN STYLE! It is my personal FAV. It is something, which has always inspired me and reflects my artistic taste, fuelled by lots inspiration. what reflects from their style, and it is SO ME! Not just in terms of fashion inspiration, but even the whole thought that goes into their fashion.

I consider myself, a modern day Hippie/Bohemian...YES! it’s true, I think I am born in the wrong era...although, I know that I belong in this one for a special reason, and even maybe even to touch a real small world with my creative ambitions, eye for design and idealistic free thinking. For me, Bohemian fashion is endless in the department of possibilities, too unique, has no rules and it is too eclectic. Translating this definition into wearing predominantly breezy/flowing printed pieces, layered garments, leather satchels, long assorted jewellery, and cowboy hats. Either way, there's something in me that can't resist Hippie/Bohemian/Gypsy inspired fashion! Styles that originated back in the 60's and 70's have made a comeback into the hearts of fashion world under the term "Boho-chic", but surely there are those of us who do not need the the fashion world to dictate the orchestration of our style.

Here are some illustrations of "Boho-chic" styles:

#printed breezy pants #bustier #beachy waves
#assorted jewellery #perfect Boho



casual Boho-inspired attire

Modernizing the Boho look

Sienna rocks the Boho inspired look

Olsen sisters can never go wrong with their style

Go-Boho like Nicole. Simple yet stunning!

Grecian accents add a unique spin on the usual notorious, casual and relaxed style. #Fall 2012

Mara Hoffman #fall2012 collection,
inspired by Bohemian style

To check out some more Boho styles, click on
So, go grab some Boho inspired stuff for your wardrobe and be unique. 
Will be back soon with yet another post on Bohemian style, this times focusing on accessorizing and adding some color, the Boho way.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Style check 2 : June 2012

High-cut dress in Hot pink is irresistible 

Who would say no this chic collared blouse. Perfect way to make
office-wear fun

Leopard print pumps A MUST HAVE 

Leopard teamed with coral blouse. Personal FAV!

Flowy high-cut dress is comfy and that little
 dash of Neon makes it Bang On!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Wear the trend : Aztec & Tribal

Aztec print was big on Spring 2011 and it is trending this season too.
Ethinically inspired tribal fashion is funny yet is trending BIG with its geometric patterns and vibrant colors. There's a very thin line between Aztec n tribal trend. And for me Aztec is BIG WIN!
Call it Aztec, Navajo, Mexican: fact is South American prints have been taking the centre stage by storm. High street fashion lables like All Saints, Zara and River Island, but also On-trend designers like Mara Hoffman have been dealing out these frivolous prints on their products.

bandage Azetec skirt is so HOT! *WANT*

If you are not bold enough to carry out bold colors, here is a simple print in Black and White 

Here is Rihanna sporting tribal pants. Rihanna has been trending
tribal/Aztec prints since long.

Tribal/Azetic Illuminati nail art

I usually do not like Kim's style, but i could'nt help but drool over this one. 


Tribal jacket in Orange is perfect for this season if you are daring to carry it off 

Pretty Blake in hot Aztec dress.Don't you think she rocks it? 

Pair your sun dress with these aztec print wedges

If you guys are looking for some more Tribal /Aztec trends then have a look at this link :

Monday, 11 June 2012

style check- June 2012

Mullet skirt *drools*...this high-low skirt is casual yet so chic. One of my personal picks for this season 

Another high-low sexiness! don't you like this? 

Floral denim...a big YES!

High-waisted shorts are in vogue this season. Ton's of celebrities have been seen sporting them
These shorts in pastel paired with a pastel blouse is so chic.

High-waised shorts in Tangerine paired with pastel blouse is cool! 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

hot color trends for Spring/Summer 2012

Its impossible to imagine Summer without a bang of some bright colors.With the warming summer like every year come a bunch of amazing fashion trends, including some cool color trends. Being a serious color-phile over here, I cant miss out on posting about the rocking color hues this season. It looks like the trending color's this season are futuristic and at the same time nostalgic. Here are some color's that I pick this season.

#1. Delicious Mint
Pastel colors are big in this season, but mint is the trendiest hue of the bunch. Bringing a new meaning to the term "fresh" this spring.

                            this pretty minty dress teamed with a slim belt is too cute

not just in apparel, even accessories in mint are in this season

Isn't this outfit adorable.

#2. Tangerine tango
Get ready to see this bright hue everywhere this season. is highly-saturated orange with reddish undertone makes a flattering shade on any skin tone.If its a little too pop for your style, then start small by rocking an accessory of this hot hue.

nautical stripe +tangerine = HOT!!

ruffled tangerine skirt is FUN!
#3. Fun Yellow
Bright yellow is a fun color which can lighten up any place and anyone. It too has found a space in trend 2012 as you can see that the runways are full of this bright and happy color.

sporting citron yellow is a surely brightens up the look and is b-o-l-d

don't you simply love this blouse?

aaahhhh...what can i say about these yellow skinny pants.

yellow blouse with tribal print shorts is cool
                                                buy me some colored skinny pants

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Color Block'ed!!

Have you been bold enough to wear color-blocking?? If not, this spring will be a perfect reason to let your geometric flare shine. Bright color blocking is IN this spring 2012.
It has been featured by diverse lables like Victoria Beckham, Proenza Schouler, Peter Som, Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger and Max Azria. Its a very refreshing look to sport. Not just apparel but even color blocking shoes are the new trend. Here are some ways you can carry off color-blocking looks.

perfect for summer outing 

turquoise and tangerine are amazing colors to be color-blocked! 

glam color-blocking!

                                                            fun color-blocking shoes

Here are some celebrities in color-blocking. 

For more color-blocking examples check out this link

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