Monday, 27 August 2012

Fall/Winter 2012---Leather

Hey guys, hope you guys are doing well and keeping it stylish (: must apologize because I've barely posted this month. Sadly, i have been keeping busy with my college and it is tiring because of which all my creativity has gone down the drain and I couldn't even think of what to post. But just got reminded that I have been missing out one one of the most famous trends this season...LEATHER! This is definitely one of my personal favorite trends. In the collections for winter 2012./2013, we had a chance to see different instances of black leather. Fashion brand Proenza Schouler choose the androgynous one. If you are the "vamp look" type then you will definitely like this trend while, Versace,in its typical style, presented the sexy look. 

HIgh-waisted + spikes + leather = RAD!

VB stylish, as always

Asymmetric leather

Balmain jacket and leather faux cropped pants

Leather hotness

Leather jacket, a must!

Studs on leather Burberry Fall collection

Synthetic leather

Those pants

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Glam : Fall/Winter 2012 --- Balmain

Balmain house always makes me drool over there ultra-glam collection. Too bold and glam to be sported on streets or parties as of now, but the style executed by their collection is RAD!! 

BAROQUE GONE MODERN...this was all that Oliver executed in his strong yet subtle collection for Fall 2012. Keeping there "Rocker-Chick" image constant, Oliver has designed this collection on more to the Chic and subtle side. 

Sticking to the house's trademark androgynous edge, Oliver Rousteing combined it with intricate FabergĂ© egg-inspired embellishment to create a collection that managed to look tough and lovely all at once. 
The brands couture level embroidery and detailing was given a modern and cool spin like sweater gone glam with Pearl embellishments. Velvet ruled the collection, seeping into everything from clothing to footwear

Gold thread work, pearl embellishments, floral embroidery, and intricate quilting gave an ornate finish to some of the famous Balmain classics like cuffed leather pants, fitted military dresses, moto vests, boxy tuxedo jackets and slim-line trousers. 


Friday, 3 August 2012

Style Check : August 2012 --- Neon!!

Neon hues have filtered through virtually every part of fashion. They ruled the Summer/Spring season from the runways to the emerging color of Denim and now they are back this Fall. 

It sure is a bold n rad trend and needs the correct attitude to carry it out without a disaster. here are some picks by me how you can incorporate some pop of Neon in your wardrobe.

Neon clutch...RAD!!

Neon working well with Black and Tan

Smart casual look. My fav ov all.

If you aren't bold to carry off neon, pick an accessory like this

Monochrome with grey. Class!

You can bring your summer colors into fall to add those pops of color to more subdued outfits.

Neon sweater, perfect way to add neon in winters

Coral and Chartreuse = cool combo!

Stripes & Chartreuse 

Celebrities in Neon!

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