Thursday, 19 December 2013

Persunmall : Online shopping store

Hello people, its almost Christmas and everyone around is soaked in Christmas Spirit with lovely food, decorations, shopping etc. It is the time when shopping is at its highest and everyone is looking for lovely stuff to choose from.
I came across this brilliant online shopping site PERSUNMALL which has a lovely collection of apparel, jewelry, accessories etc. Their variety ranges from lovely prom dresses to high-street fashionable clothing. You have a wide variety to choose from and I am sure you will not be disappointed once you vi

Here are few of my picks from the store:



1.   Vintage Floral Lapel Blazer
2.   Lace And Striped Cardigan
3.   Floral pants
4.   Cropped Vest
5.   Borogues
6.   Golden Pumps
7.   Empire Cat Print Skirt
8.   Orange Frilly Vest Dress
9.   Plover Lattice Knitting Sweater
10. Wide Leg Chiffon Jumpsuit

Here are the links where you can follow them :


Hope you all liked the post. Have fun this season and give a lot. After all, its better to give than to receive.

Much love.x

Thursday, 5 December 2013


HELLO DECEMBER! My favorite time of year, that is filled with joy, love, decorations, winter chill, shopping, carols, celebrations...and much more. As anticipated, I promised myself that I will do a post per week, so here I am back with another post...and this time it is a Review! After hosting a fabulous give-away by FIRMOO, I could not resist from getting a pair for myself. My visit to the optician proved to be beneficial, as he told me that I need to start using corrective glasses. My long lasting wish of wearing glasses came true and I finally got an opportunity to shop from Firmoo. :D

ABOUT FIRMOO: Firmoo has 601K+ fans on Facebook and their mission is to offer varieties of unbelievable cheap yet fashionable prescription and Plano eye wear to consuming public. I totally love their new collection.

My love for Leopard prints never fades away. So, I tried incorporating it in my eye-wear too, by choosing a frame with leopard print in Cat Eye shape. I loved the fact that I had a lot of varieties to choose from and the prescription form was very precise and included all the minute details. Apart from the usual prescription, I even had a choice to incorporate other features like anti-glare, tinted-glass etc. with some additional price. 

It overall was a pleasant experience shopping from FIRMOO, and yeah! I totally recommend them. I am even giving away a $30 coupon for my readers who can use the voucher code "MEMYPENDOWNBLOGS4"to shop from The Classic Series while checkout. 

Here are a few pictures of my glasses: 


Have fun shopping! much love. x 

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